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Maul Tech ATV Short Track and TT Linkages

These are our very own TT and Short Track Linkages.  There are no other linkages on the market built specifically for these applications!  And these linkages are patented.  These linkages are completely designed using CAD/CAM Technology and are then CNC Machined for the most accurate precision and quality.


Why are they better than running a rear dogbone or lowering link?

                        A lowering link does just what it says, lowers the bike.  But, when you lower the bike in this way without changing the shocks compressed length the frame will hit the ground before your shock ever comes close to bottoming out. 


So I'll just have someone install an external spacer on my shock to keep it from hitting the frame on the ground?

                        This will fix that problem, but there are many other problems with the stock linkages.  You probably already notice that the rear shock is VERY harsh and is very stiff way to early on in the travel.  The cause of this is a very steep progression rate.  This will cause you to wheelie off the line and load the tires coming out of a turn with hardly any weight transitioning at all.  Our linkages corrects this issue by changing the progression rate to a smoother and lower curve.


Will I have to have my stock rear shock shortened to work with your linkages?

                        In most cases, No.  These linkages were built to use the stock rear shocks factory preset extended and compressed lengths.  The beauty of it is that you don't loose any shock shaft travel so we are able to run a lower spring rate which in turn decreases weight on your bike :)  These linkages are also designed for use with a single rate spring setup for more cost effectiveness.



Currently for all TRX450R's

Linkage Only

Linkage and Revalve stock shock*

Linkage and Revalve aftermarket shock*

Linkage and Hi Flow Piston (stock shock)*

              * May Require New Rear Spring