Current TT Quad Builds

2012 Quad Builds

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Keep an eye on this page for updated pictures as we build these bikes into full custom race quads!!

Justin Turner 2005 TRX450R TT Build

We rebuilt this TT bike for the 2013 race season.  It now has a very powerful Rage head on it and a few other extras upgrades we can't disclose. 





Turbo RZR-S 800 Modifications

Roll cage chopping for a better look.  We cut out 7 inches in the rear while utilizing all of the stock hardware.

Here is after the powdercoating on the cage and reassebled. 


Changing to a 3rd injector, high pressure fuel pump with pressure regulator block off.  Rising rate fuel pressure regulator and a custom fuel controller.  We also modified the intake and exhaust tubing to line up correctly with the exhaust and clearance the frame better and added a custom bracket to the RZR's subframe for better suppors.


TT TRX400EX - Complete frame up rebuild







2005 TRX450R Restoration for XC Racing and Recreational Riding







Raptor 700 with complete Engine Modifications and Custom Suspension for Recreational Riding


TT TRX370R - We built this engine earlier this year and are now doing the complete custom built suspension on it for TT Racing


Grizzly 660 Insurance Claim - Yes, we do these all the time!

TT TRX300EX - Max Ashburn Engine and Suspension Modifications

Josh Wardell TRX450ER XC Racing Build - 24v Starting and complete suspension package







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