2015 Maul Tech ATV Intro Suspension School


Contact info:
            Andy Maul


            Maul Tech ATV

            1884 Spradlin Rd

            Jacksonville, IL 62650


            July 1 - 3, 2015



            8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (1 hour break for lunch)



            $200 per day (Stay as many days as you like, but you must complete Day 1 to continue to Day 2 and Day 3.  A non refundable deposit of $200 is required to book a spot.  I am only allowing 5 people into the class for better 1 on 1 experience.  Dealers are welcome and we have had many people come through our school and now are running a successful suspension business of their own!


What to bring:

-        Race bike (Clean) If you're flying  you don't have to bring a bike.

-        Tools

-        Helmet

-        Pen/Paper

-        Calculator

-        Your thinking cap


You are more than welcome to stay at my place for free if you have a trailer.  Bikes can be left at the shop overnight if staying in town and have an open trailer.






Day 1


Tires (Pressures, Bandaids)

Wheel Offset

Toe Adjustment (Why run a different toe on 2 different bikes)

Bump Steer (What is it How to easily spot it How to fix it)

Spring Preload (Can you preload too much what are the effects crossovers)

Ride Height (Why different on different bikes)

Checking Sag (What is it and how to use it)

Checking Castor and its effects

Camber Settings

Crossover Gap

Shock Lengths (can they be too long or too short)

Hands on Measuring Bikes


Day 2

Discuss how to correct shock lengths

Why run different extended or compressed lengths for certain obstacles

What does a linkage do

How to calculate linkage progression (good and bad) No Link (Why?)

What is spring rate

Calculations of springs (why we run multi rate setups ZPS, Dual, Triple, Quad)

Front Main Spring Calculation

When to change your tender spring

Front to Rear shock balance

Setup per track conditions

Shock internal parts and functions

May begin to talk about valving


Day 3

What is valving directly related to?

Other relationships


Basic Shock Service

Data Recording


Piston Design

Valving and characteristics

Hands on Dyno Testing

Other do it yourself bench testing procedures

Pictures from our 2010 Intro Suspension Class