We offer these GT Thunder Kits

Front Shocks

1. Spring rate With the single rate spring that came on it stock, you do not have as much sag adjustment as what some are wanting. With our dual spring setup it lets you lower the front of your bike while still maintaining good bottoming resistance.

2. Compressed length The compressed length of these shocks is too long to run a good sag setup. If you run a good sag setup, the shocks will bottom very easily while the frame is still several inches off the ground. We now have tooling in house to modify several shock components to let us shorten the compressed length and gain 7/8 inch shaft travel, giving us more options with this shock then previously thought possible. This front shock travel extension mod is all part of the front shock conversion price.

Rear Suspension

1.Insufficient up travel of the rear wheels.

2. Insufficient wheel travel for serious racing.

3. Rebound valving that is very fast. Even with the rebound adjustment turned all the way to the stiffest setting the rebound is still to fast for good handling.

We have designed several new rear linkages to help correct these issues. with added up travel of the rear wheels, added wheel travel and a good progressive rate in the rear setup, you can get greatly improved ride quality.

With these new rear linkages - you also then have an increased leverage ratio at the shock, creating a need for additional valving and sometimes spring changes. While we are in the shock adjusting the compression valving, we also correct the rebound valving at no extra charge.

Dual rate spring kits include upper black springs and either blue or maroon lower springs - Note: we have no choice on spring color - spring color is determined by the spring rate and what is available. 


OEM Replacement Pistons
$175 per shock

Our new high flow pistons give us the ability to tune some stock shocks to work better then an aftermarket shock.

More flow equals a greater range of dampening I.E. Plusher rider with good bottoming resistance.

The fronts will benefit you in a little less  fatigue in long races and a little less stress on your frame and front suspension components.

The rear offers noticeably better ride quality.

Highly recommended for the rear shock.








LTR450 Kits also available

Rear LTR450 Suspension Package - $395
Includes: New Linkage, Spring, Spring Keeper, Revalve, Long Life Oil, Shims, and Labor



Front LTR450 Suspension Package - $395
Includes: Dual Rate Springs, Crossovers, Spring Keepers, Revalve, Long Life Oil, Shims, Extended and Compressed Length Modifications and Labor



GT Thunder XC A-Arms - $895
New upper and lower a arms, new tie rods, new ball joints, and all the bushing hardware needed to install the a-arm kit


Complete LTR450 Suspension Kit - $1635

Includes: Front shock Conversion, Rear suspension kit, and XC A Arm kit.