What is wrong with my 450R or 400EX rear end?

The stock linkage on most bikes sets the travel of the shock too high in the chassis and has too steep of a progression rate, thus making the rear end kick up very harsh when you hit a sharp object or come up just a hair short on a jump where the rear tires just clip the down side of the landing and you end up going over the bars. To solve this, you can either raise the top shock mount on the frame by cutting and rewelding it or buy the GT Thunder linkage.  The new linkage has a lot lower progression rate so it doesn't make your shock too stiff too fast.  On a positive side, it also lowers the ride height by about 1 1/2" for better cornering stability.  The linkage also utilizes the stock shocks extended and compressed lengths so no modifications of these lengths are necessary when installing this linkage.  For pricing on this setup please visit the GT Thunder link on the previous page.