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Wheel Offsets

What is wheel offset?

Wheel offset is measured in that the first number equals the distance from the contact patch of the hub to the wheel, to the outside of the wheel. The second number is the measurement of the contact patch of the hub to the wheel, to the inside of the wheel. So a 3:2 offset wheel would measure 3" on the inside and 2" on the outside.

What's the big deal about offsets?

The reason for running a 4:1 wheel is to get the tire in as far as you can under the spindle. The ideal wheel offset is achieved when the contact patch of the tire to the ground meets the point of the alignment of your spindle where the ball joints go through. If you go with a 2:3 offset wheel you are giving the tire more leverage on the handlebars, thus creating arm fatigue.I would rather sacrifice width over handling any day. Also, if you are running a taller tire you are going to move this point out and you can run a "fake 4:1" 3 1/2: 1 1/2 wheel offset. Although, on the TRX450R they have changed the spindles and inset the hub further inward to accomodate for the stock 3:2 wheel offset.